3 Factors that Influence the post’s Likes in a person’s Instagram Feed

Have you ever encountered a post in an Instagram field? What prompted you to like, share, and followers that post? Was it the good quality evident in the post? Or you liked the content and the information therein? A lot of factors always accelerate the post’ likes in a person’s Instagram feed.

Since Instagram and its features are becoming known and used by the majority of people. Companies, celebrities, and other popular brands have shifted their ways to promote their products on Instagram. From the studies conducted, Instagram has over a million people using and promoting their content on that platform especially in the United State.

As the number is catapulting with new features embodies on Instagram. When your content is beneficial to the majority, through the Instagram algorithm, they infer that the content is supper and can be shared or read by many people. This makes them push your content to the news feed to be seen by whoever will visit that page.

When your post appears in your Instagram feed, it will play a role in increasing the number of likes and followers. Your content will be made viral and those interested in it will follow and like every bit of your piece.

That ‘said; if you are wondering what influences the post’s likes on a person’s Instagram feed. Then you are lucky to find this post. In this article, we’ve done intensive research to present to you some of the main factors that accelerate likes on Instagram posts. If that is you, below are the points to deem feed;

  1. Interest
  2. Frequency
  3. Relevancy


Interest is always the driving force in anything you do. You can’t read a book if you are not interested in it. What makes you play football or watch it? What makes you watch wrestling over basketball?

This is driven by the interest that is pushing you to watch the content. Similarly, when you see a post in an Instagram field, your interest in the subject and the post will make you follow, like, and share the content. Without interest, you can’t open a tab to search a certain aspect.


Frequency is all about your schedule of posting your content, pictures, or images in your account. This will make your audience time and be familiar with the number of times you post your content.

You must create a certain frequency in your Instagram posting to make your reader know when at what time will they get content from you.


What is the relevanceof a post to you? This is something crucial that everyone considers when looking for Instagram feeds.

If the content posted doesn’t seem to have anything valuable to you, this means it will be difficult for you to open that post. Thus the likes, shares, and following that content will be limited.

Bottom Line

The relevancy, interest, and frequency are the major factors that accelerate the post’s likes on an Instagram feed. If you don’t want to buy Instagram likes, you can subscribe to the above factors to keep your followers tight on your site.