6 Must Have Features for a Medical Spa Software

Organizing appointments, creating work schedules, raising invoices, processing payments, managing your employees and various other day to day activities are a part and parcel of running a medical spa. Juggling between these host of tasks can be quite overwhelming, and therefore it is absolutely necessary that the administrative processes are not only streamlined but also run highly efficiently. One of the ways to increase your overall productivity is by leveraging technology or in other words deploy a software. In an ideal situation, the software should efficiently do the administrative tasks involved in running the medical spa and leave you with enough time to focus on other business aspects such as marketing, customer relations, strategy, and revenue generation. Thus, as a business owner or a manager it is imperative that you do a thorough evaluation of the medical spa software that you plan to deploy. Read along to know the six must have features of a medical spa software.

  • Swift and easy appointment booking

A med spa scheduling software is designed to allow new members to sign up anytime, and from anywhere and proceed for scheduling an appointment. Once the appointment is confirmed, it is expected to dynamically allocate the work to your team and prepare them for the day. A good med spa software will have a platform which combines the above feature and automates it to the best extent possible. The system should be intuitive in design to accomplish more than just accepting booking and creating schedules. An ideal product will not only be able to accomplish the above but also send upcoming appointment and booking reminders to your clients and the staff, respectively.

  • Centralized Database

People centric businesses need to maintain a comprehensive database on their clients. From basic information such as name, contact details, and birthdays to customer’s product and service choices and preferred payment methods all such information are necessary to enable the business to be able to better serve the clients. Often added as a separate module, a centralized customer database is a must have feature. Here again, a well-designed med spa software will not only have this module existing in the basic system but also will be designed to allow customers to make necessary update in their records on their own. With a comprehensive up-to-date client information, which includes the purchase history for both products and services, the software will empower the businesses to make better service pitch to the client.

  • Invoicing, Payments & Accounting

Perhaps one of the key features that is required in a medical spa invoicing, payments and accounting. For every transaction that is generated, the system should be able to generate invoices, and accept payments through multiple gateways. Some of the popular med spa software such as the one from Zenoti is able to auto populate the relevant accounting entries and thus reducing the manual work of recording every transaction. With each transaction being recorded there is complete traceability. For recurring payments, system generates a schedule of upcoming payments due and sends automated reminders.

  • Inventory Management

For any business to be able to run successfully, it has to arrive at the optimal inventory of inputs that are required to deliver on its commitments. Within the beauty and wellness industry the need of accurate inventory management is perhaps nowhere as important as it is for a med spa as they tend to have higher loss due to human errors. Your ideal med spa software should have an inventory management module that can give you a real time information of the stock in hand and also send information about future procurements. By designing an efficient system, you can reduce your overheads by over 10% and prevent blocking capital in inventory.

  • Reporting

As it with any software that is designed to help run the operations of a business, a med spa software should be equipped to provide on demand reports. Whether it is daily sales, cash flow statements, revenue or sales the software should be able to generate reports in a single click that can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Leading software should be able to provide multi report selection with data variables as per the requirement of the management. With on demand reporting, managers and owners can review the business performance on the go, and take the necessary strategic decisions, including the ones to regain lost customers.

  • HIPPA Compliance

For your med spa to stand out and appeal to the customers, it is important for them to know that you take their personal information and medical history very seriously and do everything to protect the data. Thus, the medical spa software that you deploy to store the client information, must be HIPPA compliant. While the details of HIPPA compliance are out of the purview of this post, some of the basic features that must exist in a software for it to be HIPPA compliant is end to end data encryption to prevent misuse of data during theft or hacking and auto back-ups to ensure that no data is lost.

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Considering the benefits that comes from deploying a med spa software, we understand that you may be tempted to get one immediately. However, we do hope that you will actively seek for the features mentioned above and conduct your due diligence. While searching for the med spa software, it is also important to notice the signs that would indicate why a certain product may not be the right fit for your business model. So, a thorough understanding of your business processes is integral in ascertaining the best software for your operations.