Enjoy Visiting the Most Happening Zoos of Canada with Your Kids

Zoo is the right place to visit, if you want your kids to learn about animals. Your kids will definitely be entertained and will thank you for the wonderful time they spent in the midst of such magnificent lively creatures. Canada is famous worldwide for its multiple zoos all over the country. If you are planning to visit Canada make sure to spend few days visiting maximum zoos and enjoy your time with your family.

Listing some of the popular zoos, pride of Canadian citizens:

  • Zoo de Granby: The most popular among all the zoos in Quebec home to more than thousand of animals, native to four continents can be seen in natural surroundings. The zoo boasts of inhabiting more than two hundred rare species of fauna. Baby sharks, anacondas, snow leopards, gorilla, hippos, giraffes and giant kangaroos are the most amazing animals tempting people to visit the zoo time and again.
  • Zoo of Toronto: It is one of the largest zoos in Canada spread over seven hundred and fifty acres in Rouge Valley. There are over five thousand animals belonging to more than two hundred species. The main attractions other than the animals are special Waterside theatre, Great Barrier Reef and Tundra Trek exhibits, animal keeper talks and feedings is really amazing to watch and take active part in zoo activities.
  • Calgary zoo: You can view closely hundreds of animal species engaged in their daily activities in this grand zoo located in one of the touring spots of the country, the breath-taking St. George’s Island. In the Panda passage you can view the giant pandas and if you are lucky can take part in the safari brunch in Sunday mornings.
  • Edmonton Valley zoo: It is little different from other zoos as it aims to create awareness among young people to conserve surrounding environment and keep animals safe in their habitat. The zoo is located near North Saskatchewan River is divided into different areas for making it possible for the guests to watch the animal’s movement closely. The main attractions of the kids and the adults alike are the red pandas and Asian elephant Lucy.
  • Cherry Brook zoo: It has provided shelter to many endangered species like the Siberian tiger, snow leopard and Goeldi monkey. It is small zoo however well maintained and takes care to increase the population of the animals inhabiting the zoo.

Don’t forget to visite au Zoo Granby in Quebec as it is listed as one of the best zoos in the world. There are many exhibits and games that absolutely help in keeping your kids entertained.