Twitter is one of the various tools online that is used to share media files like photos, messages, videos, and so on and we refer to them as tweets. Via Twitter, it is possible to make a post and it will reach countless audiences. These audiences can also make interactions with the post regardless of their location. This implies that you can get a lot of replies to your tweets. One good thing about the interaction of people with your post is that you can judge people’s views on a certain post from the interactions.

Twitter has gone past connecting with people. It is a very useful tool in business. Provided it is maximized to its full potential. For businesses and companies, it enables them to advertise their product and services to both customers and potential customers. Customers who are already following their page will get updated about new products and information.

They can also make inquiries from them and attend to them in no time. Sometimes some people would want to ask questions about the company, maybe they do not know where it is located. Twitter is also great for sharing videos with people even when you haven’t seen them in ages. It is a good place where people can share their views about culture and various matters arising.


This social media platform is a medium through which you get to know what is going on in any part of the world. Before you can fully become a Twitter user, you would have to sign up for an account, there you need to fill in your details and choose a username. From there, you connect by following people and people following back. After completing the sign-up process, you can now get to see people’s tweets. These are tweets of people you follow. While your followers also get to see your tweet.


How you can type your tweet will determine how far it will go and reach a large number of people. Twitter also allows users to be able to send and receive direct messages. You can only send messages to people that are following. You only get to send messages to people not following you if they have allowed it in the settings. Brand owners make use of the direct message feature to connect with customers who may be having one difficulty. It is also useful for potential customers that may want to make orders online.


Another way of connecting on Twitter is through replies. Twitter replies are a tool for starting up conversations. A lot of businesses and companies buy Twitter replies to increase their profile engagement. The platform has updated the reply feature and users do not need to make use of the @ symbol before they can reply to a tweet. It automatically replies to the user. Most times on social media, people are convinced by the number of interactions you have to show. For a business that buys Twitter replies, it’ll make publicity easier.

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